The great richness of the musical world created by A. Zatin, like a festive carnival of themes and vanities with many passions hidden within, opens new paths for the development of the neo-romantic concertoMoscow News
When performing a most complex piano part in his own Rhapsody on themes by Nino Rota for piano and orchestra, A. Zatin as soloist demonstrates once again his unlimited gifts as pianist, lyric and virtuoso.Musical Russia
About the premiere of the new production of J. Strauss' "Fledermaus" at Yekaterinburg Musical Theatre:(…) An event that transcended in the musical live of the country… the quality of the orchestra and the soloists under the direction of A. Zatin places this production as one of the best in Europe. Soviet Music, March of 1992
With Zatin the changes from one side of the keyboard to another are scintillating and precise. He holds the audience in constant tension. Because of this Prokofiev's concerto receives a treatment in his performance. Zatin's lyric scale in these tours reached the highest perfection and one wishes to know how he plays other styles of music. The public present at the concert wanted to know too, and after many applauses and "bravos" we heard two encores performed by Zatin.Olavi Kauko for Helsingin Sanomat, March 16, 1985
The Russian pianist left the audience practically open-mouthed with the torrential power of his spectacular attacks. The tension and the musical quality were constant to the degree that one could say it was simply perfect. At all times Zatin was splendid, brilliant, and with an interpretation that served loyally every piece.Alejandro Fernández for El Norte, Mexico, October 1, 1994
...Fellows summing keys there are many, but fellows giving life and coherence to the speech resulting from so many keys pressed are less. Zatin belongs to an even more restricted elite. Combining technical and stylistic mastery and a very well oriented imagination , he makes you think that what you are listening to can indeed be interpreted in many ways, but it is precisely his the best of all possible options…Lázaro Azar for Reforma, Mexico, June, 1999
(…) Anatoly Zatin's artistic interest, his wish to compose, perform and conduct, always inventing something new leaves a trace also in his music. The former is overall interesting, emotional, capable of maintaining in suspense, and intriguing, leaving a mystery to the listener. With strong fundaments on traditions, his creation testifies that the author has found his own path. It seems that the composer has what in Boris Pokrovsky's words is "the capability of creating a style of life, using its own details".G. Goubaidulina for Soviet Music, April, 1989